New Client Info – Unplugged Weddings

Unplugged weddings are gaining in popularity as educated couples decide shared emotional experience trumps the fun of snapping pictures. There is a huge difference of walking down the aisle and seeing every happy smiling face with hands clapping, instead of a sea of phones covering the faces of your loved ones. At an unplugged wedding, each guest is focused and in the moment, freed from the distraction of trying to get a shot or a video. They can really hear the vows and those sweet and funny stories shared at the altar. We need to disconnect in order to really connect with each other, and to live in the moment.


Aside from the emotional benefits, weddings with a paparazzi of cell phones and large ipads turn into a media frenzy, with jostling for space and stepped on toes. This can present a great challenge to the hired photographer.¬† While they desperately want to create the best images for clients, serious problems arises when everyone fights for ‘the shot’. Guests might step in front of photographers and block them entirely, and the flashes from other cameras can render the professional’s unusable. Imagine missing the first kiss photo because an intruding flash ruined it.

So If you’d like to make your wedding unplugged, ask the officiant to make an announcement once everyone has arrived. Or go one step further and make a sign to let your guests know to leave the phones and ipads turned off so they can truly enjoy the day with you.

What does a¬†wedding with all those devices look like? Take a peek…

Photo Credits (plugged gallery)
Corey Ann Photography
Susan Ruddy Photography
Solare Photography