Rustic Camping Engagement Session, Cocoa Beach Florida

Jason and Trish’s styled engagement session is here! They made the lace tent themselves and chose the location after frequenting it together on dates. It’s only accessible by boat and everything had to be moved over via canoe, making it our very own private island. We also lucked out in finding a pair of binoculars with Jason’s name as the logo. Jason and Trish have a shared joke about the term ‘rustic’. If they dropped the blanket on the ground and got pine needles on it, it was covered in rustic. Things got very rustic for us that day, heh. Read more about the cute relationship these two have, below.

“We met at work, which is probably the most uninteresting way ever. Our first date was new years eve at my house with a Die Hard marathon, shortly after he came over to my house and helped me with a flat tire on my scooter. We used to go on a lot of scooter/moped dates after that. We like going on educational dates, not just the expected stuff like museums, but things like the Regal Boat Factory tour or the Tupperware Headquarters.

A lot of our inside jokes are Die Hard related. To the point that we’re thinking of getting our wedding bands engraved with Yippee ki yay. Other than that, just typical relationship stuff — new food and new places. The Hemingway line from Hills Like White Elephants resonates with us – “That’s all we do isn’t it, look at things and try new drinks?”

Oh yeah, and he makes me breakfast in bed pretty frequently. He seriously makes the best pancakes you’ll ever eat. Every time he makes pancakes he makes the joke about how having kids are like making pancakes — you always screw the first one up a little before you get the hang of it. He’s a master of Dad jokes. He’s pretty awesome and I’m very lucky.” ~Trish

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