Meet Jenna

Jenna Michele is a seasoned photographic artist creating vibrant wedding and portrait photography. JMP possesses a broad range of ability; photographing with a collection of styles that capture real moments and artistic poses with equal aptitude. She also enjoys catering to a wide variety of cultures such as Indian, Pakistani, Greek, Korean, Vietnamese, Brazilian, and Jewish to name a few. On average JMP books 35-50 weddings a year.

From the Artist~

I’m a native Floridian, American Indian and French descendant. I grew up learning how to fish off my dad’s boat at the same time I learned to walk, nature and biology were an early and lasting passion. Art has also been a large part of my life. As a child I filled up books with drawings of Disney characters and later continued with studies in traditional fine art mediums and graphic design. I took interest in photography as a teen when inspiration struck from  my extensive collection of National Geographic magazines. With camera in hand I practiced on everything I could. Friends, strangers, cats, nothing was safe. Photography clicked (pun intended) for me, and I later worked under established professional studios to study my craft – finally taking on my own clients in 2004. Business has grown and I’ve been a full time professional since 2009.

With my work I’ve been able to travel all over the country to explore new places. Traveling isn’t the only journey in photography, getting to meet such a diverse variety of interesting people with stories to tell or moments to share is an incredibly fulfilling job, and it’s why we photographers think of themselves as storytellers – capturing each clients own personal story through the lens. Thank you for letting me tell your story.

A few of my favorite things ~

My pets – one very smart corgi, older white cat with one green eyes and one blue eye, and a new ragdoll kitten on the way!
Fine Arts
Vintage and antique items
Video Games
Theater and musicals
Comic book stories
Misc other nerdy things


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed visiting and I look forward to working with you to create amazing images!